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Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training

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Hal Higdon

As contributing editor of the US edition of Runners' World and best-selling author, Hal Higdon has helped countless runners achieve their distance goals. Now, he's created the definitive guide on today's most popular distance, the 13.1-mile, half marathon. This book contains everything needed to know about running the half marathon, including where to begin, what to focus on, pacing, how to avoid injury, how to track progress, how to stay the course and how to improve. Whether this is their first or their fiftieth half marathon, there is a plan for everyone. it provides customisable programmes, ranging from novice to advanced (there's even a walking-only plan), as well as tried and tested strategies, race day tips and motivation from other half-marathoners around the globe.

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Hal Higdon Marathon Training

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