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Thor: God Of Thunder Volume 1: The God Butcher (marvel Now)

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Jason Aaron

A trail of blood threatens to consume Thor's past, present and future! Throughout the ages, gods have been vanishing, their mortal worshippers left in chaos. The only hope for these ravaged worlds is for Thor to unravel the gruesome mystery of the God Butcher! In the distant past, the Thunder God discovers a forgotten cave that echoes with the cries of tortured gods - and is shocked to find himself among them! In the present, Thor follows the bloody wake of murdered gods across the depths of space. And thousands of years from now, the last godking of a ruined Asgard makes his final stand against the God Butcher's berserker legions. As three Thors from three eras race to stop the God Butcher, the full extent of his vicious scheme takes terrifying shape! COLLECTING: Thor: God of Thunder 1-5

A Marvel NOW new ongoing series starring Thor the God of Thunder. Má lískový lískovou vinou v naší hvězdě. The grand finale of the epic timetraveling saga of the God Butcher that began in issue 1. Cover has minor spine ticks. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. CSS PDF Page Break.

Thor God Of Thunder Jason Aaron

5 August 2018 October 2019 King Thor November 2019 February 2020 vol. Hledáte knihu Thor God Of Thunder Volume 1 The God Butcher marvel Now od Jason Aaron? Rychlá a výhodná doprava od 29 K Skvlý výbr knih deskových her a dárk. Art and Cover by Esad Ribic. What fallows is a murder mystery as Thor hunts down a being who has been killing Gods . Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. 6 Images from Thor God of Thunder Vol 1 5 1 Reprints of Thor God of Thunder Vol 1 5 Footnotes. Čtení porozumění o osobnosti PDF. Thor God Of Thunder Volume 1 The God Butcher marvel Now by Jason Aaron 9780785166979 . Eden Christian Academy. Thor God of Thunder Volume 1 The God Butcher Marvel Now by Esad Ribic Paperback 17.19. Jsme vae knihkupectví s tradicí. Browse the Marvel Comics issue Thor God of Thunder 2012 19.

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