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Don't Be a Tourist in Paris. The Messy Nessy Chic Guide (2nd Edition)

PDF, ebook, epub (ePub, fb2, mobi)
Vanessa Grall

If you want to see Paris like it is in the movies, Nessy will show you the director's cut. If you seek the unusual and the underground, she'll take you down the rabbit hole and park you at the mad hatter's doorstep. If you think you know Paris, let Nessy challenge you. This book will encourage the wanderer within. It is a true traveller's companion as much as a beautifully designed collectable for your bookshelf. You are about to acquire this curious local's key to the city that will unlock a precious vault of addresses. Within the pages of this beautifully bound hardback, you will find... 20 Secret Restaurants; 70 Time Traveller's Bars and Cafés; 50 Romantic Hideaways and Unique Date Ideas; 60 Unexpected Cultural Alternatives to major museums; 50 Movie-worthy Walks & Eye-opening Neighbourhood Discoveries; 35 Cabinets of Curiosity and Aladdin's Caves; 50 Hip Parisian Hangouts; 50 Places to Inspire & Use Your Creativity; 35 Booklover Havens; 60 Local Food Gems; 40 Places Parisian Families Actually Take Their Kids; 65 Urban Retreats; 30 Obscure/Underground Adventures; 50 Budget-friendly life-savers; Endless good-to-know Paris tips.Contents: Before You Start; 1. The Paris Runaways; 2. Paris Like It Is in the Movies (and on Instagram); 3. Anywhere but the Louvre; 4. Lonely Hearts Club; 5. Don't Call Me a Hipster, But...; 6. I Know this Great Little Place...; 7. Parents Are Coming to Town; 8. Paris in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole; 9. My Last Ten Hours in Paris; 10. Forget Pinterest Paris; Shortcuts!; Where to Stay; The "What's Near Me?" Index. This is the ultimate bible to Paris unknown It's the Paris guide even Parisians are buying - full of finds surprising even to the locals Think of this book as your new travel companion, your closest Parisian confidante, your endless bottle of wine while in Paris A new and updated second edition What's New? - New off-beat investigative walks, collector's addresses, location scouting and people-watching spots, new dining discoveries, in-depth flea market advice, clues for architectural hunting, creative new ways to escape city life without really trying & much more... About the Author Vanessa Grall was raised a London girl but seven years ago, she packed up her life, moved to the land of her ancestors, and never looked back. Paris became her muse, her mentor, a source of nostalgia for eras she had never lived through. Thanks to the inspiration Nessy found in Paris, she became a curator to what has turned into a cult online magazine today: messynessychic.com; acknowledged, featured and followed by major media entities and iconic international brands. Nessy has an eye for the iconic, the intriguing, the off-beat and beguiling. Whether it's your first time in Paris, your second home, or you are yourself a Parisian, this book changes the rules.

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